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Infrared Leak Searches

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You may be wondering, “What is infrared leak detection?” Well, an infrared leak search is a detection method used by techs looking for leaks in your system. It’s used in the auto, roofing, and HVAC industries. An infrared thermal imaging camera finds hidden spots in your system that leak without tearing the floors and walls apart. It works based on the fact that leaking water, fluid, or even gasses, have a different temperature than their surroundings. That’s why they will have a different color on the infrared camera, helping the camera user pinpoint the leak’s location and fix it.

Wasatch Cooling and Heating is a family-owned HVAC company based in Naples, FL. We have a finger on the pulse of current technology and can provide you with a top-notch infrared inspection. This is why we use infrared leak searches to help skillfully and efficiently locate any leaks in your HVAC system and then repair them promptly. Call us today!

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Outstanding Leak Detection Service

With our infrared technology, we can easily detect a leak in your HVAC system.

What Are the Signs of a Refrigerant Leak?

Have you noticed a drop in the cooling power of your AC unit or that it’s blowing warm air? This is a sign that your refrigerant may be leaking. The refrigerant absorbs heat in your home or business and then transfers it outside, keeping the area cool. If there’s not enough refrigerant in your unit, then it takes longer to complete this process, forcing you to keep reducing your thermostat or turn it off altogether if it’s blowing hot air.

Your sense of hearing plays a part in the next sign. Hissing or gurgling sounds from your air conditioning unit are potential signs of a refrigerant leak. Finally, your sense of sight can tell you if you need infrared leak searches to confirm a leak. Have you noticed dripping on the floor around your HVAC unit? That means that frozen coils usually result from a refrigerant leak. Or are you getting higher electricity bills because you keep lowering the temp in your house to get comfortable? This is another factor that should make you consider a possible leak.

If you notice any of these leak signs, don’t delay. Call one of our experienced HVAC pros to come to take a look and perform quality infrared leak searches. We’ll have you relaxed and comfortable in the physical sense and budget-wise as well.

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Is a Refrigerant Leak Dangerous?

If you’ve noticed any of the signs of a refrigerant leak, you may feel tempted to sweep the thought of having it inspected under the rug. But the fact is, it can be dangerous and ought to be checked and repaired at once. Refrigerant exposure can lead to health issues that range from nausea, headache, and dry skin, to irregular heartbeat, labored breathing, and loss of consciousness.

Refrigerant is also harmful to the environment because, when released, it depletes the ozone layer. Finally, a refrigerant leak can damage your AC unit, causing it to run poorly and soon lead to costly repairs. So don’t allow such a leak to harm your family, colleagues, clients, pets, the environment, or your pocket. Contact our team to provide our second-to-none infrared leak searches. We offer free estimates and a 10% discount to our honored veterans and active members of the military, as well as the senior citizens in our community.

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Benefits of Infrared Leak Searches

Infrared leak searches are one example of the leak detection methods that exist. But there is a reason our team at Wasatch Cooling and Heating prefers it over others. The sensor has a longer life than most of the other sensors out there and has lower chances of damage when exposed to high levels of contaminants. It also needs less maintenance, is easier to use, and is more advanced for accurate results.

So if you suspect a refrigerant leak in your home or business HVAC unit, give us a call and request your infrared leak detection. We’ll send a trained HVAC tech to come and perform infrared leak searches and repairs using top-quality parts and tools. Like and follow us on Facebook, or call for your free estimate. We’re proud to serve clients near Naples, FL.

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