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HVAC Repair

Have an HVAC Problem?

Get Help from a Leading HVAC Repair Company in the Naples, FL Area

Wasatch Cooling and Heating Inc. provides the best air conditioning repair service experts in Naples, FL. We’re here to help with any HVAC repairs you may need.

Is your AC unit blowing hot air? Then you need a solid HVAC repair professional to diagnose and fix the problem. Do you see leaking around your AC unit and smell odd odors when it’s running? Sounds like you need to look up the most reliable local air conditioning repair companies and pick one to come to your rescue.

Have you noticed certain cool pockets in your house instead of even cooling, indicating poor airflow? You need the help of a trusted air conditioning furnace repair or heating repair service provider in your area.

We’re a family-owned and run business that’s fully insured. Repairing your AC system is more than something we dabble in; we’re passionate about getting you cool and comfortable again and as soon as possible. Contact us today.

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Fix an HVAC Issue in No Time

Our experts are able to identify and address just about any HVAC issue you can imagine.

Trust our Experienced Contractors for Superior HVAC Services

Do you need an air conditioning service expert to repair or inspect your AC? It’s essential to work with HVAC repair techs to look beyond fixing and recommend prevention. Once your unit is repaired, we’ll discuss maintenance services to eliminate needless cooling and heating repairs in the future. Other benefits of AC maintenance services include lower energy bills and extending the life of your AC unit.

So call one of our experienced AC repair pros to inspect, repair, clean, and completely maintain your HVAC system. You can check us out on Facebook too!

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How Long Does an Air Conditioning Repair Service Take?

The short answer is it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of days. A simple HVAC repair, such as replacing a blown fuse or fixing a bad capacitor, can take about five minutes. If the issue is more extensive, repair may take several hours. If the cooling and heating repair service pro cannot fix it and you need a whole new AC unit, that’s even more time. We’d need to remove the old unit and provide air conditioning installation service, which can take a few days.

Do you live in Naples, FL? Call us to get an HVAC repair service that’s done efficiently, skillfully, and quickly. We use top-quality parts and tools on every repair project. Our experienced HVAC techs are up to date on HVAC problems and how to solve them. So don’t risk it with just any HVAC repair company in Naples, FL. Give us a call to get your unit back up and running and get you comfortable in no time.

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Don’t Suffer Through Chilly Nights

Naples, FL, has weather envied by the rest of mainland USA. But in the winter, nights can get pretty cool. Don’t get tricked by the warm days and put off calling your local AC service provider to fix your heating.

If your furnace or heating system isn’t warming your home adequately, is producing weird smells and sounds, or has a discolored pilot light, don’t delay. Call us to handle your HVAC repair. We’re also pleased to offer 10% off our services for veterans and senior citizens. Call us today for a free estimate if you’re near Naples, FL, or the surrounding areas.

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