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Looking for Reliable Blower Door Test Companies?

Looking for reliable blower door test companies near Marco Island, FL? Call Wasatch Cooling and Heating for expert blower door and duct blaster testing from a top-notch contractor.

A blower door test measures the airtightness and air exchange in your home or business. It uses a combination of a fan and pressure gauge to pull air out of the building and then measure the air coming in and going out. A smoke pencil or infrared camera shows the exact position of any leaks in the building.

These leaks could be due to poor attachment of building joints or frames, or leaky ductwork. The locations of the leaks determine which professional you need to fix the problem. Reach out to us for quality tests in Marco Island, FL. We’re a fully insured family-owned and run HVAC company.

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Hire The Best Blower Door Test Contractor Around

Leaky ductwork can mean the use of more energy to heat or cool your home or business. This is not good for the environment and also causes higher energy bills. Leaky ducts can also cause an influx of moisture into a building, leading to mold or mildew that is harmful to one’s health and difficult to get rid of. Finally, poor ventilation as a result of air leakage from unsealed cracks or leaking ducts can cause dirty air to get pulled in from your attic, crawl space or garage. This can also cause breathing and other health problems. 

These are all good reasons to consult with a blower door test contractor. Call us today! We only use top quality parts and tools and provide stellar customer service. For the best results, reach out to us. We’ll inspect your home using this test. Then we’ll recommend repairs to get you back on your way to good health, a reduced carbon footprint and more money in your pocket.

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The Difference Between Blower Door And Duct Blaster Testing

If you’ve been researching different air leakage or energy audits for your home or business in Marco Island, FL, you’ve likely come across blower door and duct blaster testing. But you may have wondered what the difference between these two tests is. Well, the former is a whole house testing system that estimates duct leakage. It also measures airtightness to help figure out HVAC sizing and equipment design.

Duct blaster testing is more specific and tests the ductwork system using pressure gauges to pinpoint any leaks. It’s clear that a blower door and duct blaster testing is important for checking the efficiency of your HVAC system. So call us and speak to an expert contractor to discuss the use of both tests to inspect and later repair any leaks in your ductwork. As one of the top blower door test companies and contractors near Marco Island, FL we’re proud to use up-to-date techniques and tools for quality service.

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Blower Door Test: When to Hire An Inspector

When would you need an inspector to perform a blower test? When you’re buying or building a new house. It’s not mandatory in all 50 states, but so far, California seems to be leading the way in requiring this done in new constructions. Also, having a good score in this test gets you closer to being Energy Star certified.

Call Wasatch Cooling and Heating, one of the most trusted blower door test companies serving Marco Island, FL, to get your blower test done. We welcome veterans and senior citizens to a 10% discount on all services. We’re honored to serve you in the following areas: Collier County, Everglades City, Ft Myers, Immokalee, Lee County, Naples, Bonita Springs, and Marco Island, FL. Call us today for a free estimate.

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